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NEWSLETTER (Summer/Autumn 2017)

The North Carolina Radiological Society

NC Chapter of the ACR,
Honored with 2017 Chapter Overall Excellence Award


Thank you Dr. Jordan!

Drs. Kevin Kuszyk, Lynn Anthony, Paul Molina, and Sheryl Jordan and Clarita King with the Overall Excellence Award for the North Carolina Chapter.Under the devoted and energetic leadership of Sheryl Gillikin Jordan, MD, RCC, our chapter was awarded the Overall Excellence Award by the ACR! This award shows we shine in every category the ACR evaluates, including: innovation, government relations, advocating for our profession and our patients, a quality annual meeting and support for our young professional section and resident section. It takes a chapter of leaders and members to achieve this accolade. Thank you to Dr. Jordan for encouraging everyone to participate and to all the leaders and members who gave of their time, intelligence and heart…..Let's do it again this year!

2017 Chapter Meeting Report

Evelyn Anthony, MD

Maximizing Reimbursement in a Value-Based World

This year's annual meeting of the North Carolina Radiological Society, held March 18th in Durham, utilized a new format, designed to engage more of our members across practice types and sub-specialties. We paired a morning executive committee meeting with an opportunity for NC radiology residents and fellows to interact (and have brunch) with our keynote speaker, Zeke Silva, MD, and invited all to the 3 hour CME in the afternoon. Moreover, we chose a theme on which we all have questions—healthcare economics and the changing healthcare delivery landscape—and included the North Carolina Radiology Business Managers Association. The day was a great success with total attendance greater than 50.

Dr. Zeke Silva speaks at the NCRS 2017 Annual Meeting
Dr. Zeke Silva speaks at the NCRS 2017 Annual Meeting

Of course, the highlight of the CME meeting, entitled "Maximizing Reimbursement in A Value-Based World," was the keynote speaker, Zeke Silva, MD, Chair of the ACR Commission on Economics. Zeke is a dynamic speaker and has great command of the national issues facing radiology. He addressed the current dynamic between fee-for-service billing and the merit-based incentive system (MIPS), offering his insights into a situation that is currently fluid. He then transitioned to a deeper conversation about alternative payment models, noting that radiology, as compared to other medical specialties, is already positioned to make that leap successfully thanks to the hard work and forward thinking of numerous leaders in radiology. Jane Lutz from the NC-RBMA rounded out the meeting by illustrating the problems that our business managers face behind the scenes to maximize reimbursement as the rules remain in flux. The meeting concluded with a panel discussion that brought the high level issues into the experience of our local practices through Q&A. Thanks to our panel: Dr. Sheri Jordan (UNC), Dr. Zeke Silva (South Texas Radiology Group), Dr. Bryon Dickerson (Asheville Radiology), Dr. Brian Kuszyk, (Eastern Radiologists), Dr. Chris Ullrich (Charlotte Radiology), Ms. Jane Lutz (Charlotte Radiology), Ms. Jan Taylor (Duke), and Mr. Walter Lindstrand (Eastern Radiologists).

The annual business meeting and CME offering remain a great opportunity for North Carolina radiologists to interact on matters that affect our profession within the local context. We need to speak with one voice in Raleigh and in Washington, DC, which means that we need to talk with each other. We also want this forum to welcome residents, fellows, and junior members of our practices into our NC community of radiologists. Please join us for upcoming one-day events and provide us with topics or feedback that will direct programming.

In the Spotlight: ACR Meeting 2017


Brian S. Kuszyk, MD
Brian S. Kuszyk, MD

Sujata Ghate, MD
Sujata Ghate, MD

Brenda Lee Holbert, MD
Brenda Lee Holbert, MD

We are pleased to report that three members of our chapter were conferred the honor of Fellow of the American College of Radiology. One of the highest honors the ACR can bestow on a member is recognition as a fellow of the American College of Radiology. Fellows demonstrate a history of service to the College, organized radiology, teaching or research. Approximately 10% of ACR members achieve this distinction.

On May 21, 2017 at the Annual ACR meeting, Brian S. Kuszyk, MD, President of Eastern Radiologists of Greenville, NC, Sujata Ghate, MD, Associate Professor at Duke University, specializing in Breast Imaging, and Brenda Lee Holbert, MD, Assistant Professor at Wake Forest School of Medicine, specializing in Abdominal Imaging, were conferred the honor of Fellow of the American College of Radiology.


The three residents whose attendance at the 2017 ACR Annual was supported by our chapter are Erin Shropshire (Duke), Cane Hoffman (Wake Forest) and Ami Vakharia (UNC). Below are resident attendee impressions of the meeting:

2017 ACR Experience of Dr. Erin Shropshire

My name is Erin Shropshire and I am a third year radiology resident at Duke. I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and attended both college and medical school at Ohio State University. I plan to pursue a fellowship in interventional radiology.

I was extremely fortunate to be able to attend the ACR annual meeting this year as an ACR resident scholar. I have attended subspecialty specific radiology conferences previously, but this was my first time at ACR. It was definitely a different experience being at a meeting for the main governing body overseeing all of radiology! The main difference I found was that the meeting primarily addressed issues that are applicable to a large majority of physicians in radiology; the 'big picture' issues, for lack of a better term ( i.e. - where are we now and where are we headed as a profession). Several of the educational sessions I attended addressed some of these 'big picture' issues - for example, an overview of the forthcoming ACR White Papers regarding incidental lesions in the abdomen. I also was excited to attend a session entitled 'Things they don't teach you in residency,' organized by the American Association for Women Radiologists. This session featured three female physicians (2 radiologists and 1 radiation oncologist) sharing their knowledge and advice regarding gender-specific issues that women can face while navigating the medical profession. I found this to be enlightening and also encouraging - female radiologists may be a minority, but there is ample opportunity to seek mentorship and guidance!

The highlight of my time at the ACR meeting was definitely Capitol Hill Day and all of the Advocacy sessions that were offered to help prepare first-time attendees. I consider myself somewhat of a political junkie, so I was excited to experience the legislative and lobbying efforts of the ACR from the inside! The Advocacy 101 and Capitol Hill prep sessions that were offered in the days leading up to Capitol Hill day were extremely informative, and really helped to illustrate the complexity of the many legislative and political issues that can impact our daily practice as radiologists. Meeting with the staff of my assigned NC elected officials on Capitol Hill Day certainly contributed to my newfound appreciation for that complexity!

Every elected official obviously has the interests of their own constituents and political party in mind, and these interests may not align with policies that we are championing as radiologists. Some of the main issues that the ACR was focused on for Capitol Hill Day 2017 were HR 1298, the CT Colonography Screening for Colorectal Cancer Act of 2017 (in support of Medicare funding for CT Colonography), support for the preservation of patient access to early detection cancer screens with no cost sharing (CT lung cancer screening, mammography, CT colonography), and opposition to any budget cut to NIH research funding. I think it is fortunate that the basic intent of these issues isn't controversial - we are physicians and we are advocating for issues that are in the best interests of our patients and their care. These are easy issues to argue passionately for! We as radiologists are well aware that early detection of malignancy with radiologic screening saves lives, as well as diminishes the morbidity and monetary burden associated with late stage diagnosis. Access to life-saving screening tests is crucial for our patients' wellbeing, and associating screening tests with a monetary burden can often mean that the patient is simply unable to afford it. I am certainly very blessed that I will never have to make the choice between feeding my family and paying out of pocket for a yearly mammogram, but not every woman living in North Carolina is that lucky.

I think prior to attending ACR 2017, I was naive for not realizing just how much time, effort, and money goes into the daily work of the ACR Government Relations team, the RAN, and RADPAC. So much work is done on behalf of our profession by lobbying for our adequate and fair reimbursement and more importantly advocating for policies that are in the best interest of our patients. I left the ACR meeting in awe of what is being done to champion our professional cause at the highest level. At this point in my training, some of the issues at hand may be a few years from directly impacting me, but there is no doubt that there will be long term repercussions. If I learned nothing else, it is that getting involved early and staying involved are absolutely paramount to taking an active role in shaping the future of radiology. It's not too early for residents to take an interest - we will all finish training eventually and it will be up to us to carry on the work of advocating for our patients and our profession.

2017 ACR Experience of Dr. Cane Hoffmann, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Dr. Cane HoffmannThe 2017 ACR meeting was an incredible behind-the-scenes experience into the political side of medicine and radiology. Advocacy is not a topic that is emphasized enough during our medical school or residency training. It is, however, a crucial component for our continued success as a specialty. Additionally, personally lobbying for our specialty and promoting patient advocacy generates a level of satisfaction and excitement that cannot otherwise be obtained from the reading room. Popular topics at the 2017 meeting included implementation of value-based care and how advancements in artificial intelligence present opportunities for our field rather than threats.

The NC chapter of the ACR and its devoted members deserve an immense amount of recognition. Our state is very fortunate to have an active chapter with numerous well-known and highly connected individuals that have been dedicated advocates for both patients and radiology.

The importance of advocating for our specialty cannot be overstated. Advocating for Medicare reimbursement of CT colonography, maintaining CT lung cancer and mammogram screening without cost-sharing, as well as preserving NIH funding were the main political topics discussed on Capitol Hill. Witnessing the grassroots process and discussion of these issues first-hand allows us to better understand and appreciate what we do.

I would strongly encourage current and prospective radiology residents to attend this meeting. Additionally, the ACR meeting is a great setting for socializing with fellow members and finding out about great potential career opportunities. It was an honor and a privilege to have attended this year's meeting and I look forward to being involved with the ACR in the future.


On May 21, 2017, the RFS (Residents/Fellow Section) elected NCRS member Christopher McAdams, MD to be one of two Intersociety Committee Representatives to the InterSociety Commission. He will represent the interests of our In-Training Membership at the Intersociety Summer Conference in Annapolis, Maryland this August. Chris has had a busy year of service to our chapter as well as nationally. He is a current American College of Radiology Rutherford-Lavanty Fellow in Government Relations. He served as the Chair of our NC Chapter's RFS (Residents/Fellow Section) and is a member of the ACR Breast Imaging Economics Commission. Most recently, he was appointed to the Women & General Diversity Advisory Panel for the 2017-2018.

SERVICE TO THE ACR: There are at least two dozen chapter members who are amazing volunteers to the ACR! Here are two examples: NCRS is pleased to have two of our members on the ACR Council Steering Committee (CSC). The CSC mission is to be the representative voice of the ACR membership, by facilitating and developing ACR policy. We are grateful to Catherine J. Everett, MD,MBA,FACR of New Bern, NC and Colin Segovis, MD, PhD, of Advance, NC, for their work on the CSC.

Welcome to NCRS New President: Dr. Evelyn Anthony

Dr. Evelyn AnthonyEvelyn (Lynn) Anthony, Professor of Radiology and Pediatrics at Wake Forest School of Medicine, has been elected president of the North Carolina Radiological Society. A 1996 graduate of Duke University School of Medicine, Dr. Anthony trained in radiology and pediatric radiology at Wake Forest, completing her fellowship in 2002. She has served on the Wake Forest faculty since that time, taking on the roles of pediatric radiology section head and medical director in 2007. Mostly recently she was named Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs at Wake Forest School of Medicine. She continues to practice pediatric radiology while building and managing the support structures around all phases of the faculty life cycle in the growing Wake Forest health system.

Dr. Anthony has been a member of the American College of Radiology since her training. She joined the executive committee of the North Carolina Radiological Society as an alternate councilor in 2007. Since then, she has served in many capacities, including membership director, CME program activity director (2012, 2017), Wake Forest Resident and Fellows Section faculty advisor, Councilor, and Vice-president. She also participates in the pediatric radiology national caucus. Last year she was awarded a state fellowship to attend the Radiology Leadership Institute in Boston. She will serve as NCRS President until June 2018.

View from the Young Professional Section Lauren Golding, MD Triad Radiology Associates, Winston-Salem, NC

The YPS section of NCRS is growing in both number and engagement. Amidst a rapidly evolving healthcare environment, YPS members value the education and leadership opportunities at the state and national level in areas not traditionally covered in training. Specifically, the NCRS continues to support its YPS membership in relevant issues such as health policy, economics, advocacy, and work-life balance.

Dr. Golding wrote this piece for the ACR voice of radiology blog. Here is the link: