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North Carolina Radiologists,

With the end of the 2016 election season, over 10% of the incoming congress will be NEW, and only ~5% of the ENTIRE congress has a healthcare background.

- What does this mean?  Most members of congress DO NOT understand Healthcare issues. Organized radiology needs a voice on Capitol Hill!

- How to we get a voice?  Contribute to RADPAC!

Currently, NC has 208 contributors giving $71,946. While these numbers are solid, they are down from last year when NC had 228 contributors giving $92,343. If you haven’t contributed yet, please consider making a year end contribution to RADPAC using the following link: Contribute to RADPAC

Your contribution ensures radiology has a voice – which recently was responsible for the following victories:

  • Reducing the MPPR cut from 25% to 5% which equals 352 MILLION dollars in money saved over 10 years
  • Preserving screening mammography coverage for women ages 40-49
  • Medicare coverage of CT Lung Cancer screening
  • Total Repeal of the SGR (Sustainable Growth Rate)

Please consider making Radiology’s voice as strong as possible by contributing to RADPAC!!

Happy New Year,
Kevin M. Cregan, M.D.